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CockTease College Lesson 3

Cocktease College Lesson 3 – Keeping Him Frustrated

When I showed up for my next Cocktease College class, I thought it was all going to be a refresher of Becoming a Top Cocktease.  But there is so much more to keeping your tease toy frustrated!

KellieBeautifulRead His Pleasure And Control It

This was why I thought it was going to be a refresher.  In the last class, we had talked about stroking until he twitches, then stopping, then starting all over.  That is only one way to watch for those signs of impending orgasm.  Besides a twitching cock, it is interesting how your balls get all tight when you are just about to shoot.  And every moan and every groan you make as your cock is being jerked tells a story all in and of itself!

Learn To Say No

The other big part to keeping your tease toy frustrated is learning to say “No.”  My prof pointed out how many first time cockteasers are just too easily swayed by the whining and begging of their cock control vict – I mean  subjects!  She patiently explained

You are the cocktease, honey.  He wouldn’t have given you control of his cock if he didn’t want to be teased.  Really, you’re only doing it for his own good!  So, no matter how much he pleads, no matter how much he begs, you decide when…or even if…he will get to cum!

Cocktease College Lesson Two

Cocktease College Lesson Two: Becoming A Top Cocktease

I do not want to be just an average cocktease.  I signed up for my Cocktease College courses because after meeting all the MILF and Princess Cockteases here at The Enchantrix Empire I realized I really needed to up my game!  So it was great when I saw that . . . → Read More: Cocktease College Lesson Two