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Cocktease College Lesson One

Cocktease College Lesson One: The Benefits of Being A Cocktease

Kellie_65_So my first class at Cocktease College was The Benefits of Being A Cocktease.  My Professor, who described herself as a MILF Cocktease, said it was great we were in her class and that we would all become graduates of Cocktease College, but there were too many women out there who thought that letting some guy spunk all over us – or in us – after 2 minutes of thrusting away was acceptable!  She was sure all of us young, sexy hotties knew what magnificent results we could obtain from being a cocktease, but she still had to go over it.

All The Orgasms We Could Handle

The Prof went on about how much more superior women’s orgasms were to men’s’.  The main thing she seemed to settle on was that women could cum over and over again, while most men were “Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am” types – who often left out the Thank you! – and left their partners to their own fingers or a vibrator!  By teasing them and keeping them horny and on edge, a sexy Cocktease Princess – like me! – could have them doing whatever we wanted and giving us orgasm after orgasm!  See, I already knew that – that is why I have so much fun teasing you guys!

Other Benefits of Cockteasing

Of course, she spent some time on the other benefits.  How we can coerce you into doing non-sexual things, how we could use your orgasms as rewards to get you to do our homework, clean up our dorm rooms, run out and fetch us coffee or snacks when we are busy studying for finals.  She left us with this though – cockteasing is just so much fun!  She said it is very amusing to humiliate a man with his own desperate need to cum!

Cocktease College

Cocktease College Princess Classes

You guys all know I am taking college classes, right?  Well, I have this one professor, and she must have seen the cockteasing glint in my eye, because after class one day, she asked me to stay behind – and then she blew my mind!  She told me there was . . . → Read More: Cocktease College