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Can you Last a Week in Chastity

If You Can Last A Week In Chastity…You Can Last A Month

That’s what I told my Cocktease College chastity pet the other day!  He was whining and complaining KelliePink2about how he had been locked up for a whole week, how I had teased him with my Cheerleading Game (poor boy still hasn’t made it to M…what can I say?  His tongue is magical!) and how he hadn’t been allowed to even have a ruined orgasm.

His Chastity Is Half Over

Then he let it slip…all the final cocktease exam subjects had been told to not masturbate and not cum for a week before the exam!  So, I just giggled…like I do….and said, “That’s even better, honey!  You have been chaste for 2 weeks already, you are hallway there.  If you can last two weeks, you can last a month!”  Then, I slid off my panties, and lowered myself onto his face, “Just to take your mind off of it, I will let you bring me to 10 orgasms every day for the next two weeks!”

Of course, I have not yet told him that if he can last a month, he can certainly last 3!

Cocktease College Final Exam

Cocktease College Final Exam Cockteasing Practice Makes Perfect

Cocktease College is finally over…and I won’t keep you tease toys in suspense – I passed my final exam with flying colors!  Was there any doubt?  All of you who have been calling know I have been putting my new cockteasing skills to practical use.  But, let me tell . . . → Read More: Cocktease College Final Exam